Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing is way of promoting a website. This is a concept, which uses information distribution with in a closely held group of people. JMD also use this trick for some select website only. Through social network marketing, your website will be bale to boost branding and will spread community awareness.

Our Search Engine Reputation Management Services

Many companies face challenges from hostile competitors or rivals or unethical competitors who would try to hurt your businesses by blogging or posting wrong statements online about your company or specific products of your company with the sole aim to adversely affect your company's reputation as a whole.

A very few organization have any specific strategies to combat such menace. JMD delivers and manages Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) Services to protect your image from such unethical attack on your brand online.

Our people displace such listings and also push them down in the order. Simultaneously replacing them with favorable links, which are in your control or influence.

This whole process or SERM ends up in creating and promoting multiple websites, blogging, and profiles aimed to control the top reach results through major search engines.