Return & Cancellation

Return & Cancellation



-          No refund of any type against any reason what so ever is applicable on any services below rupees 500 / user/ year will be entertained

-          For services above rupees 500/user/year:

            o   You can apply for refund via e-mail. Suitable action will be taken for the same.

            o   We assure you of 100% cashback if application reaches us within 15 days of purchase.

            o   If application is received after 15 days and before 6 Months from the expiration date of subscription, 50 % of the amount will be refunded.

            o   If refund application is received after 6 months of purchase and before 1 month of expiration of subscription, 10% of the amount will be refunded.

            o   No refund will be entertained if any refund application is received in the last month of subscription.

-          All the services (for instance Short Messaging Services) comes with a validity. For such services, it is important to renew the subscription one month in advance of expiration of subscription in case you want to carry forward the balance (if any)

There Are two ways to return / cancellation

1)     Click on footer page menu Customer service and click on return option by this you can return your product just simply fill related option

2)     1) Simply login to your account

2)In Account click My order option then click on  view your order history

3) In view your history you will see all your order history history

4)in order history there is view button when you click on that option you will see the complete history of your order on each order item there is a return button

5) Click on return button and raise you return or cancel  option